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A well maintained landscape can do wonders for your facility’s appearance and the overall ambiance for tenants, employees, and visitors. Our professional, well-trained staff works hard to elicit the natural beauty of your landscape through regular maintenance and expert care.

Our standard maintenance service includes:

    • Routine care for lawns, plants, flowers, and trees including lawn mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing.
    • Normal check of irrigation system to ensure watering level is an ideal level for maximum health and appearance of plant material.
    • Fertilization 5 times a year allowing for vibrant colors and health of the landscape.
    • Constant monitoring and control of landscape pests and diseases.
    • Tree trimming (trees up to a height of 10 feet)
    • Litter pick-up.
    • Proactive client notification of problems arising outside the standard maintenance service and present solutions to resolve any unexpected problems.

Additional services for our maintenance clients include:

    • Irrigation Troubleshooting & Repair.
    • Landscape Renovation & Installation.
    • Seasonal/Perennial flower planting.
    • Turf grass renovation.
    • Seasonal turf grass re-seeding.

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